Reimagining female health

Madami is

a social impact agency specializing in gender, female and menstrual health

We bridge the gap between public and private sector ambitions with our strategic services, impact projects, and learning and networking platform, the Menstrual Health Hub

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

The problem:

A vicious cycle of neglect and misunderstanding exists when it comes to innovating around women's* bodies and female health
Limited understanding of what is driving women‘s health decision-making & consumer behaviour
“Women don‘t seem to connect with our product or brand”
Unsatisfactory products and services on the market that are ineffective, inaccessible or inappropriate for consumers
“Why do we have a low adoption of our product”
Women‘s health needs & pain points are poorly understood & inadequately addressed in the design process
“We designed this product to suit everyone!”

What we do

How we do it


by bridging the gap between the public and private sector to support women and girls* to make informed decisions about their health across their life cycles.


and professionalize the MH sector through key strategic partnerships and the MH Hub community platform to ensure that MH is prioritized on policy and research agendas.


utilizing WCD and leveraging female health insights to create effective and scalable solutions needed to solve women and girls’* unmet health needs.


into MH to create a robust market of products, programmes and services and solutions for women and girls’* specific health needs.

Madami's Thoughts on Medium

May the MH Hub be with you 

September 2021

The launch of the Menstrual Health Hub community platform is finally live — and it’s quite the bloody force…

Cycling to our next phase: Five reasons why we are transforming into Madami

June 2021

The Menstrual Health Hub is officially transitioning to Madami – a social innovation agency specializing in gender, female and menstrual health. Learn about why we’re making this big shift…

Image by Vulvani

A tale of two Pinky Gloves: A bloody shame ends in a remarkable victory in Germany

April 2021

Our latest thought leadership piece on Medium unpacks the problematics of the ‘Pinky Gloves’ saga and offers some insights for how to create better products for women. 

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*We use the term women to refer to the socially constructed experiences of being seen and moving through the world with this gender identity.

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