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Madami's Strategic Services

Business and Product Development

Using Women-Centered Design, we enable you to apply a strategic gender-lens across your business or product life cycle in ways that will enhance uptake

Market Research / Qualitative Insights

We help you understand trends that could impact existing or future market penetration and as advise on positioning in the female health market

Communications and Brand Activism

We ensure quality assurance by working with you to develop appropriate and inclusive language for female health apps, campaigns and other communications

Brokering Strategic Partnerships

Whether corporates, start-ups, NGOs, investors or donors, we will build bridges and connect you to potential partners that are best suited to your growth plans

Tap into Madami's unique set of strengths


Sharing our unique insights about the future of menstrual and female health


Steering the next generation of innovators to tackle real needs & pain points


Helping drive more money into menstrual and female health


Ensuring that all efforts are intrinsically oriented towards positive social change

International Clients

Johnson & Johnson (Europe)

Designed and led a menstrual health and Women-Centered Design innovation workshop to explore new product and/or market opportunities.

Business + Product Development

Communication + BRAND Activism

The Case for Her (Global)

Provided strategic insights to further develop and guide a plan of action for increasing investment in menstrual health

Investment insights

Kohler (USA)

Worked with Kohler‘s innovation and marketing teams to create and run a design sprint using our Women.Centered Design Framework to design and test new menstrual health solutions for emerging markets.

Business + Product Development

Femtech at MAS (Sri Lanka)

Provided strategic advice on branding and insights on new Femtech market opportunities

Business + Product Development

Market Research

Communication + BRAND Activism

Broker Strategic Relationships

The Body Shop (UK)

Designed and supported implementation of global menstrual health brand campaign

Communication + BRAND Activism

Broker Strategic Relationships

Duke University (USA)

Provided Women-Centered Design buisness and product development support to accelerator's menstrual health and hygiene (MHH) cohort

Business + Product Development

The Fibroid Foundation (USA)

Supported the development and communication strategy of a uterine fibroid-focused educational portal and helped design and analyse research study to generate new insights around women‘s experiences of fibroids

Market Research

Communication + BRAND Activism

einhorn (Germany)

Provided key insights into current market and product trends to support long-term strategic planning

Market Research

Xpomet© Medicinale (Germany)

Facilitated Women-Centered Design workshops for the biggest interactive medical & tech festival in Europe.

Women-Centered Design

Business and Product Development

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