Madami is

a purpose-driven advisory and innovation agency specializing in women's* health and wellness

Our expertise is around:

The Problem:

Women* and their health needs are undervalued, underinvested and unexplored opportunities that create enormous financial and social returns for innovators and investors alike

What we do:


Sharing our unique insights about the future of menstrual and female health


Steering the next generation of innovators to tackle real needs & pain points



Helping drive more money and resources into menstrual and female health


Ensuring that all efforts are intrinsically oriented towards positive social change


Who we've worked with:

'Madami Thoughts' on Medium:

@ Uninhibited India

Madami’s MH Hub transitions to new leadership under Uninhibited India in the Global South

October 2022

This transfer of power paves the way for the Menstrual Health Hub to become a more inclusive Global South-led global feminist platform

@Unsplash / Mat Napo

Vaccines, Vaginas and Why Our Voices Matter in Public Health

March 2022

We partnered with Quilt.AI to try to understand what women* were experiencing and where they were going for information during this pandemic. Were the antecdotal stories and fear of side affects affecting women’s decision to get the COVID-19 vaccine or a 2nd dose?

Image by Vulvani

A tale of two Pinky Gloves: A bloody shame ends in a remarkable victory in Germany

April 2021

Our latest thought leadership piece on Medium unpacks the problematics of the ‘Pinky Gloves’ saga and offers some insights for how to create better products for women. 


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*We use the term women to refer to the socially constructed experiences of being seen and moving through the world with this gender identity.

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