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In Standards We Trust:

Building the case for international standards for menstrual products 2020 - 2021

We were shocked to notice an exponential increase in the number of businesses who have been regulating themselves and creating their own standards for quality assurance to safeguard the health of their end-users - across the globe. We held informal consultations with seven MH companies and MH experts to better understand how MH companies deal with the standardization of their products. With this report, we aim to advance the conversations happening around menstrual product standards amidst the rising tide of small business and MH companies now on the market. We want to call attention to the topic within the menstrual community and inform people who menstruate worldwide in an effort to best ensure the health and safety of menstruators everywhere.

Aakar Innovations, Aisle, AFRIpads, Callaly, DivaCares / DivaCup, Einhorn, Kasole Secrets Company / Glory Sanitary napkins, Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition, Swedish Institute for Standards

The Global Glossary for the Menstrual Movement

2020 - 2021

United by the belief that having a common and inclusive language is key to helping strengthen impact and advance the menstrual movement, Madami and PERIOD. joined forces to create a Glossary for the Menstrual Movement to support the diverse organizations in the female- and menstrual health space. Containing 60 terms, the Glossary showcases the diverse language used describe menstrual experiences, as well as the multitude of different strands of education, activism and advocacy within the menstrual movement. Check out the Glossary for the Global Menstrual Movement here (link to platform page (https://mhhub.org/glossary)

PERIOD. Myovant Sciences + Pfizer

Decolonizing Menstruation

2020 - present

This project aims to center the marginalized voices of those working on menstrual health. It aims to uncover and bring to light the ways in which western, colonial attitudes have influenced what we accept as normal menstrual health and hygiene (MHH) beliefs and practices. Through conversations with key stakeholders and thought leaders in the field, we aim to explore the influence of colonialism on MHH through their eyes, their experiences and their voices.

No More Secrets MBS, #HappyPeriod, I'm With Periods, The Nurse Note, RevaginateNG, Code Red Co., Status Flow Collective, Wellness by Saran

breaking blades


The objective of this project is to generate awareness about female genital mutilation / cutting. (FGM.C.). The event series included panel discussions, interviews with guest speakers, film screenings, a photo- and art exhibition and a vulva modeling workshop. Partners included:

Antje Pohsegger, Terres des Femmes

The Case for Menstruation at Women Deliver


More than 8,000 people from 165 different countries came to Women Deliver in Vancouver to advance gender equality & the health and rights of girls and women. Downstairs at the Fuelling Station, 'The Case for Menstruation' (booth 160) came alive with an menstrual advocacy programme of new research, product demonstrations, expert talks and more.

The Case For Her, AFRIpads, Femme International, Kasha, UNFPA,PHAU, Bfree, BeGirl, PSI Europe, Lunapads, Bloody Good Period, Simavi, Menstrual Hygiene Day/WASH United, WaterAid, Unbound, Ruby Cup, Clue, WoMena, Lunette

It's Bloody Time - Event Series

2017 - 2019

Berlin-based event series focused on menstrual health awareness-raising, education, policy, and social enterprise.

einhorn.period. Kulmine, Crafts & Cramps, Sinnaptic Labs, Callaly, Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, Inga Lauman, Ooia, Ruby Cup, The Female Company, erdbeerwoche

The Berlin Female Health Collective


The MH Hub started an informal gathering of people who are interested in the topic of female health to meet monthly. Ranging from menstrual health to contraception to breast cancer and sexuality, this group has become a very active Facebook group of over 600 members.

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